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Chuan-Yu ChangDirector, IRIS Research Center / Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information EngineeringDigital image processing, face detection and recognition, infant crying detection and recognition, machine learning, medical image processing
Ching-Lung ChangProfessor, Department of Computer Science and Information EngineeringMicroprocessor system, embedded network system, Internet of Things application, intelligent manufacturing and robotic control
Chien-Chou LinAssociate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information EngineeringRobot path planning, embedded systems, computer architecture, specializing in the integration of robots and embedded systems to provide machine vision, artificial intelligence, real-time services and other functions
Shih-Yu ChenAssociate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information EngineeringHyperspectral signal and image processing, machine learning, data compression, information theory, estimation and detection theory, pattern recognition
Wen-Fong WangAssociate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineeringe-health information, wearable computing, embedded system design, computer network, EKG and gait analysis
Edward T.-H. ChuAssociate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information EngineeringIntelligent mobile device automation testing, disaster prevention and response information system, embedded system, wireless sensor network applications
Hsien-Huang P. WuDistinguished Professor, Department of Electrical EngineeringAutomated Optical Inspection(AOI), computer vision system design and application, digital image processing, digital signal processing, image processing and recognition algorithms and chip design, LED backlight and energy-efficient lighting chip design, high-power drive chip design, sensor element chip design, intelligent energy-saving electric vehicle research, digital signal processing (DSP) and microprocessor applications
Chang Hsuan-TingProfessor, Department of Electrical EngineeringDigital Signal Processing, Visual Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing
Chung-Wen HungAssociate Professor, Department of Electrical EngineeringDigital system design, measurement signal processing, variable sampling control, energy conversion
Chian-C. HoAssociate Professor, Department of Electrical EngineeringEmbedded processor firmware, real-time operating system integration, computer vision and graphics applications
Ming-Hwa Sheu Distinguished Professor, Department of Electronic EngineeringVery large-scale integrated circuit design, computer-aided circuit design, embedded software design
Shr-Chang ShiaDistinguished Professor, Department of Electronic EngineeringH.264 / H.265 video coding algorithm and chip design, digital and stereoscopic TV processing algorithm and chip design
Ching-Lung SuAssociate Professor, Department of Electronic EngineeringAutomotive security imaging system, multi-core embedded computing, 3D video processing, digital video compression
Chung-Chian HsuDistinguished Professor, Department of Information ManagementData mining, data analysis, database system, data retrieval, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cluster computing
Deng-Chuan CaiDistinguished Professor, Department of Industrial DesignIndustrial design, compatibility design, ergonomics design, automated structural design
Yung-Kuan TsengProfessor, Department of Cultural Heritage ConservationArtefact recognition analysis, artefact cleaning technology, artefact material history
Yueh Hsiu Giffen ChengProfessor, Department of Creative DesignDesign method research, design aesthetics research, design and art education research, internet art applications and research, cultural and creative industries consultation, brand development and design, packaging design, brand brokerage, industrial consultation
Hui-Ling HuangAssociate Professor, Department of Applied Foreign LanguagesEnglish translation, English teaching, English story teaching, children’s literature, creative writing, industrial consultation
Bang-Ning HwangAssociate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Business AdministrationScience and technology innovation, science and technology industry analysis and competition strategy, industry value chain integration, electronic enterprise and e-commerce, business process reengineering, industrial consultation
Ting-Lung LinAssistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Interior DesignUrban development and environmental planning, architecture and interior design, architectural planning, regional geography and environment education, community development, environmental design strategy, industrial consultation
Ching-Ju ChenProject-Appointed Assistant Professor, Bachelor Program in Interdisciplinary StudiesDigital image processing, digital signal processing, data compression, algorithm theory, multimedia communications, satellite image analysis and processing, UAV orthophotography and three-dimensional modeling, aerial photogrammetry, Geographic Information Systems
Arthur, ChangProject-Appointed Assistant Professor, Bachelor Program in Interdisciplinary StudiesBig data analysis, chain management, network service quality