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2020/11/13YunTech IRIS released “Gait Analysis System with Intelligent Image Recognition” for the elderlyGait Analysis System with Intelligent Image RecognitionOnline NewsMinsheng Daily
2020/10/29The team of Director Chuan-Yu Chang won the Future Technology Breakthrough Award for ” Non-Contact Detection Technology “Online NewsEconomy Daily News
2020/09/28The team of Director Chuan-Yu Chang won the Future Technology Breakthrough Award for ” Non-Contact Detection Technology “Online NewsEconomy Daily News
2020/09/24YunTech Chuan-Yu Chang won the Future Technology Breakthrough AwardNewspaperEconomy Daily News
2020/09/08leakproof, YunTech IRIS Center developed technology to detect tunnel water seepage flaws, and precise positioningOnline NewsTechNews
2020/06/04 [Interview with Asian figures] Combining top talents in various fields, specializing in industry-university cooperation technologyTV StationEBC Asia
2020/05/13Use AI to understand what your baby thinks! EmoRec developed the “Baby Language Recognition” system to alleviate the troubles of novice parents!Baby Language TranslatorOnline NewsBusiness Next
2019/12/22Artificial Intelligence Automated Optical Inspection(AOI) . Smart Identification Improves PerformanceInspection(AOI) Detection Based on Deep Learning / AOI Detection Technology for Appearance Defects of Memory Module Products / Established Automatic Glue Production Line for Shoe Soles / Automatic Drug Identification SystemTV StationMuch38 Channel
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2019/12/14Pioneer Leader in the Era of Intelligent.Creating the Perfect Artificial IntelligenceFacial Recognition Access Control Intelligent Management.Respiratory Heart Rate Measurement of Accurate and Safe / Automotive Safety Systems.360 Degree Full Freedom Perspective – Moving Towards Future TrendsTV StationUnique Broadcasting Inc
Future of Taiwan
2019/12/13Chuan-Yu Chang Solve the Pain Points of Enterprises.Link the Energy of Academic Research and Development.Develop Advanced TechnologyNewspaperEconomy Daily News
2019/12/05AOI Detection Technology.The Defect Detection Rate over 95%.An Ace in the Hole for Production Line UpgradingNewspaperEconomy Daily News
2019/11/22Facing the Intelligent Market.Successfully Developed Advanced Driving Assistance Products for AutomobilesTechnology of ADAS and AVMNewspaperEconomy Daily News
2019/11/18IRIS Center Innovation Technology.Technology Transfer Boosts Taiwan’s Intelligent Technology UnicornVisual Synchronous Positioning Mapping
olar Panels Abnormal Timely Detection and Diagnosis Technology
MagazineBusiness Today
2019/10Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital Cooperates with Yunlin University of Science and Technology IRIS Center.Promote Smart HealthcareTV StationDa Ai Television
2019/05/19Home Care Vanguard.Yuntech Magic Mirror System
Home Mirror Early Signs of Stroke Found
Facial-Heart Rate and Stroke Detection SystemMagazineBusiness Today
2019/04/19Indo-Taiwan Technology Exchange-Seminar on Application of AI Technology in Medical Care and Production ManagementOnline NewsCentral Agency
2019/03/29IRIS Center Integrates Across Fields to Provide Customized Industrial High-End Technical ServicesNewspaperToday Yunlin News
2019/02/16Unicorn in the AI World-Intelligent Recognition Industry Service Research Center(IRIS)Facial-Heart Rate and Stroke Detection System / Infant Crying Translator SystemTV stationChina Television Company
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