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2019's Technical Publications

2019/05/28 Smart Identification Technology Achievement Conference

Associate Professor, Shih-Yu Chen / Handheld Hyperspectral Technology
Cooperation companies: ISUZU OPTICS CORP.

2019/06/28 Formosa Plastics Group.4th Innovation Conference

Distinguished Professor, Chuan-Yu Chang / Facial-Heart Rate and Stroke Detection

2019/10/18 IRIS Technology Conference

Associate Professor, Chian C. Ho / Visual and Lidar Simultaneous Positioning and Mapping Technology and its Industrial Application

Professor, Chung-Chian Hsu / Big Data Analysis and Real-Time Detection and Diagnosis of Equipment Anomalies

2019/11/20 Automotive ADAS Product Presentation and Press conference

Associate Professor, Ching-Lung Su / Technology of AVM、DMS

2019/11/30 Intelligent UAV Image Recognition Technology and Application

Project Assistant Professor, Ching-Ju Chen / Intelligent Recognition System for High-Altitude Moving Target of UAV

2019/12/04 Press Conference on AOI Technology

Distinguished Professor, Chuan-Yu Chang / AOI Detection Technology for Appearance Defects of Memory Module Products、Tire Bubble Automated Optical inspection(AOI) Detection Based on Deep Learning

Distinguished Professor Hsien-Huang Wu /Established Automatic Glue Production Line for Shoe Soles、Automatic Drug Identification System