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With the increasing development in computing performance and artificial intelligence technology, the existing industrial structure is undergoing revolutionary changes. To help the Taiwanese enterprises keep up with the trend through transformation and upgrade, we have been supported by the Global Taiwan program from the Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Sprout Project and selected as the featured research center. The research center is headed by Distinguished Professor, Chuan-Yu Chang, and consists of 21 academic experts within the university. Together, they form the “Intelligent recognition expert group“ to assist enterprises in the introduction of intelligent recognition technology, the implementation to solve industrial problems, and the promotion of industrial intelligence.

The IRIS Center focuses on the research and development of prospective intelligent recognition technology and concentrates on the cross-field integration of three major industries. The center also provides commissioned development of new technologies and products, small-scale trial production, process improvement, measurement calibration, technology transfer, enhanced intellectual property services and so on, and is targeted at accelerating the development of traditional industrial technology and the development of the medical image recognition technology industry. The center has successfully collaborated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the Institute for Information Industry, China Steel Corporation, Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Corporation, Unicharm, the hospitals in National Taiwan University and National Cheng Kung University, as well as the Veterans General Hospital and Tzu Chi Hospital.

In addition to upgrading the Taiwanese industries, we hope that our technology will be renowned worldwide so that the world is aware of the powerful AI research capacity and to establish our brand in becoming the “First in Asia, Taiwan’s number one intelligent recognition benchmark center”.

Chuan-Yu Chang

Director, Intelligent Recognition Industry Service Research Center
Deputy Chief Executive Officer,
Service Systems Technology Center,Industrial Technology Research Institute

The director of the IRIS center, Distinguished Professor Chuan-Yu Chang, is an internationally renowned intelligent recognition expert. Prof. Chang has served as the Dean of Research and Development as well as the Director of the Incubation center for Academia-Industry Collaboration and Intellectual Property for many years. He has been dedicated to the development of the Yunlin and Chiayi regions and served as the principal investigator of the Technical Upgrade Assistance Project for the Yunlin Technology-based Industrial Park. Prof. Chang is familiar with industrial difficulties and experienced in industry-university cooperation with close connections to the industries. In addition to serving as the director of the IRIS, Prof. Chang is also the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Service Systems Technology Center in the Industrial Technology Research Institute. The linking and integration of the industrial, academic and research resources improve the research and development capacity of the academic society towards the development of pioneering technologies to solve industrial difficulties.