[TechNews] 10/07 leakproof, YunTech IRIS Center developed technology to detect tunnel water seepage flaws, and precise positioning

Thanks to TechNews for interviewing our experts, Associate Professor Chien-Chou Lin and IRIS Center Director Chuan-Yu Chang

The content of this interview is:

  1. The new technology “Detection Based on Tunnel Point Cloud Information Defects” developed by the team of Associate Professor Chien-Chou Lin. This technology collects laser point clouds on the tunnel surface through LiDAR, removes the influence factors of angle and distance, and measures the large-area inspection images to make more accurate inspection results. It also breaks through traditional thinking and transforms complex 3D inspection images into 2D intensity images, which can simplify the complexity, and can quickly and accurately mark the tunnel seepage area and area, and increase the speed of tunnel inspection.
  2. The powerful R&D energy and highlights of the IRIS Center