[Excellent R&D Achievements] 09/28-IRIS team holds back the Future Technology Award, 2 gold medals and 1 bronze medal in the Invention Competition of the Taiwan Innotech Expo!

Director Chuan-Yu Chang of the IRIS Center and the expert group performed well at the Taiwan Innotech Expo. The list of awards is as follows:

  • The team of Director Chuan-Yu Chang won the Future Technology Breakthrough Award for ” Non-Contact Detection- Facial-Heart Rate and Stroke Detection Technology “
  • The team of Professor Shr-Chang Shia and Professor Szu-Hong Wang won the gold medal for “Deep Learning Combined with Structured Light Detection and Application in Free Space”
  • The team of Professor Wen-Fong Wang won the gold medal with the “Gait Analysis System Based on Three-Axis Acceleration Sensing Technology”
  • The team of Professor Ching-Ju Chen won the bronze medal for “Buoy Positioning Monitoring Method and Buoy Positioning Monitoring System”